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Sunday, July 15, 2018

2018 Pig Hunting Curry Mountain,Griswold Hills,Panoche,Stockdale,Tumey Hills Wildlife Areas

San Benito Clear Creek, Curry Mountain, Griswold Hills, Panoche hills, Stockdale Mountain, Tumey hills, Turkey, Pig hunting Maps and Deer Hunting Club information

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CLICK ON THIS SENTENCE GET FULL MAP PLUS ACCESS TO OUR HUGE MAP SITE AND WEEKLY TSk> maps San Benito Area, Laguna Mountain, Clear Creek,Coalinga, Stockdale Mountain, Curry

 After reading about Hunting in San Benito, you may want more hunting maps and info for access to private ranches, hunting clubs in that area and statewide. It is a free service, highly recommended.

  Hunting Clubs in California and Oregon private property ranches

Click on a county for Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches:
Or, for a county by county list of Hunting Clubs in California and Oregon private property ranches for hunting(fishing too)   www.ranchhuntandfish.com
pig, deer, turkey hunting griswald hills public land access
Pig hunting on BLM land in San Benito County,   

Outdoors men, er, sorry, people, are thinking, Deer season is over, bird hunting is passe except  turkey season which starts late March. But  pigs are legal all year and bow and gun  hunters looking for late  winter and spring porkers.
  Boar hunting allows you to take one hog per day and have one  in possession, but you will  need a valid hunting  license and pig permit.  California has two species of wild pigs — Feral European and  Russian hogs located along the south Central  in Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo and Santa  Clara counties.    
Adult Russian boar reach 3 feet tall and can get to 350 pounds.They were introduced from Europe  in Monterrey County in 1925 before reaching into the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. Moved also now in the rugged area south and west of the Carmel,   west of King City and on surrounding public lands.  The feral pigs, perhaps somewhat more numerous, are  smaller but these boars can reach  300 pounds!
You will find them in  the south Coast  and also in Mendocino, Tehama, Glenn, Colusa, Sonoma and Lake county and into the foothills of the Sierra. Private lands and hunting ranches are by far the most successful, and we have a couple of web site below for all of these.
Pig hunting pressure  is less and pigs won't spook off the private ranch hunting land. Pigs are known for having up to 3  big litters per year  and there are many and growing.   They avoid hunters because Pigs  are listed after primates and dolphins as the next in intelligence, so if you think your dog is smarter, think again.
Their  vision is poor, they hear better  than most animals, and sense of smell is  outstanding too. They use their long snouts to sniff out danger, they have  the ability to cover up to 20 miles without stopping  for rest.
February is the best time in California for pig hunting because the hills are  winter  grass makes tracking and stalking conditions superb.  No doubt pigs taste better when taken in  late winter and early spring because instead of acorns, their diet consists on shrubs, roots, fresh greens. 
We will show you some  of private ranches below on a couple of web sites, where pig hunting is more successful.  Success is 80  percent for most of these properties, while public lands are much, much less productive. But,  if  you don't mind spending the time, it seems pursuing  pigs is a lot like hunting deer.  Make sure you hunt with your face to the  wind, and select your shot carefully, these boar have tough, tough skin.
The hardest part about hunting pigs is finding them. It‘s difficult to obtain permission to hunt  on private lands, because most hunting rights are  leased to guides. There are  pig hunting areas-Lake Sonoma, Spenceville, Cottonwood or Tehama state wildlife areas, but  with so much  pressure and too few animals to for most  boar hunters.
On Bureau of Land Management property that will only cost nada and a lot of effort, and  some accurate shooting, eventually you will succeed.
Hunting in broadly named areas as mapped above is Panoche Hills, Tumey Hills, Griswold Wills, Clear Creek, Curry Mountain, Stockdale Mountain. We narrow these down to 5 choices below, but remember, there is a scattering of  hunting clubs these areas, so watch for posted signs, and we have info about hese at the web sites below.

 BLM property along the  south Central Coast in San Benito County:

1. Laguna Mountain. One of the best  pig hunting area is Laguna Mountain is a good access for walking in. Boar Hunting groups  can drive east on Coalinga Road in south San Benito County to a parking lot high up at 2,800-  feet elevation. Walk the  rolling  hills for about one mile south to Miller  Canyon. We suggest making a a stand very early mornings and  watch for pigs heading up the  canyon. Hogs habitually will eat and hydrate in the  mornings then move up to the thick brush  during the day.   
Hunters need to be aware of the private ranches , some of which we have on the below web sites, that populate Laguna Mountain. About 3,000 acres provides  pig hunting  throughout Laguna Mountain.
 2. Clear Creek Management Area. This is an  excellent pig hunting area, HERE is our Map but for detailed  info on how to hunt this area go to:



pig, deer, turkey hunting stockdale mountain public land access
3. Coalinga Mineral Springs. Pig hunters have 9,000 acres of public land here  for  boar hunting. It has high slopes and rocky  terrain with  a 3 mile hiking trail t to the 3,558-foot Kreyenhagen Peak.  Also Hog Canyon, Echo Canyon,  Sulphur Creek and Oak Flat should all hold pigs
 4. Stockdale Mountain. Located at the end of Slack Canyon  Road northwest of Parkfield. Try Pig hunting  southerly to the  Stockdale Mountain
5. Curry Mountain. Drive 6 miles west of Coalinga on Highway 198.  Access is by foot through lands managed by the DFG along  Highway 198. Curry Mountain seems almost vertical and rough, but has a huntable number of boar.
Tumey Hills Hunting area is part of BLM   Vehicle Restrictions from Mid-April to Mid-October. No vehicle access is allowed during this time period.[]

 If you want a guarenteed, more or less, opportunity joining a hunting club or a day use property is
your best option over BLM lands, as we said above go to these sites for hunting club info or private hunting ranches.

Click on a county for Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches: